A Little Bit About Me, And Why You Should Read The Tiny Travelholic

sydneyaustraliaWell, first of all, yep, I’m tiny. Five feet tall in my bare feet (That’s me in the middle there in Sydney Australia, between  Daughter Travelholic (also tiny) and Mr. Travelholic) .  Being tiny might not matter very much for matters of travel, except that all of you tall people should be really jealous of me on airplanes, where I can curl up comfortably in pretty much any seat. And I hate crowds because I can’t see a thing in one.

Second, I travel. I travel a lot. My friends think that keeping track of me is a little bit like “Where’s Waldo”, except they are playing “Where’s Denise”.  In the past year alone I’ve been to Japan, Australia, Maine, New York, Boston, Florida, Washington DC, Lake Tahoe, and Chicago. in the next 6 months (so far) I have two trips planned to Japan, a cruise to Central America, and trips to Maine and New York again.  Places I’ve been to Include Canada, Italy, England, Scotland, France, Mexico, Costa Rica, Hawaii and Alaska (and over 40 other states), Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Bahamas, and a bunch of other Caribbean locales on cruises. So if you like to travel, you’ve come to the right place.

Finally, we are going to have fun here. I’m also involved in theater, and we always say if you’re not having fun on stage, the audience isn’t having fun; my philosophy is that it’s same with blogs and travel!   I’ll cover travel from luxurious to not-so-luxurious, and everything in between. I cruise, I take trains, I walk cities; sometimes I travel alone, sometimes with family and sometimes with groups.  If you are wondering about my age (since that sometimes does matter regarding travel experiences), I am a proud member of Generation Jones, which, if you are not familiar with the term, places me awkwardly as either a very young Baby Boomer or a very old Generation X…I don’t remember the Vietnam War or Kennedy being shot because I was a baby, and yet I didn’t have a personal computer till I was past college. So therefore I identify with neither Generation, and since that is true of many others of my age, Generation Jones has been coined to cover us.  Additionally,  I often travel with my Millennial children and my Silent Generation mother-in-law (seriously, that Generation gets no press), so you’ll get their perspectives here too.

Another thing you should know about my travel is that I have Rheumatoid Arthritis.  So occasionally I’ll cover traveling with a disability (if I get a bad flare up while traveling, that is me) and you won’t find me doing anything heavily physical like hiking up Mt. Everest, but otherwise I get around quite well. That’s me, Mighty Mite, traveling the globe, rheumatoid arthritis be damned, and loving every minute of it.

(in photo, left to right, Aunt Travelholic, Daughter Travelholic, Tiny Travelholic, Husband Travelholic and Grandma Travelholic).



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