About Denise and this Blog

Denise Van Patten, aka The Tiny Travelholic, has traveled since childhood and has been a travel photographer since her teens. She is an improv and theater actress, a former Vice President of Fox TV and author of the Official Price Guide to Dolls, published by Random House Books. From 1998 to 2012, Denise was the Guide to Dolls at About.com, where she wrote and blogged about dolls from antique to modern.

Through all of this, Denise has continued to travel. After leaving About.com and being forced to virtually retire from performing due to Rheumatoid Arthritis, Denise had a major midlife crisis. What came out of that crisis was the decision to continue to travel no matter what, and the decision to start this blog, The Tiny Travelholic, in September, 2016.

Although The Tiny Travelholic will be about travel for people of all ages and abilities, as a blogger in her mid-50s with RA, Denise can speak directly to retirees and the disabled, two areas that have not had the focus of many travel blogs. Due to the nature of Rheumatoid Arthritis, she experiences both travel in good health as well as travel with various degrees of disability when her diseases flares up.

As a long-time travel photographer, Denise has strong imagery to share with you with her writing. Denise also publishes her travel photography and micro-blogs on Instagram at The Tiny Travelholic.  Denise’s photos have been featured there by HAL cruises, Carnival Cruises, Shangri-La Hotels, Thala Beach Resort, Hazlitt’s Hotel, and the Maine Tourism Board.

For more information about this blog, see A Little Bit About Me, And Why You Should Read The Tiny Travelholic. If you are curious about my passion for antique dolls, visit Dolls With Denise Van Patten.